To skirt responsiblity, Musk threatens to remove Twitter from EU

Yet another temper tantrum for the world's richest baby.

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In a move that still shows how immature and irresponsible he is, Musky Musk has threatened to block access to Twitter in the EU just so he doesn’t have to do the right thing and fight disinformation and misinformation on his $44 billion failed pet project.

This is all because the European Union recently wrote to Twitter along with other social networks (maybe so Musky Musk wouldn’t feel so bad that he was being singled out) about their responsibilities while operating in that region of the world.

So, naturally, Musky Musk decided that instead of actually doing the work, he’ll throw another tantrum and just take his sink and go home. This was reported on by Business Insider:

In recent weeks Elon Musk has suggested X could stop being accessible in Europe to avoid new regulation enacted by the European Commission.

Musk has become increasingly frustrated with having to comply with the Digital Services Act, a person familiar with the company said. The person added that the Tesla billionaire, who acquired Twitter a year ago for $44 billion and rebranded it to X, had discussed simply removing the app’s availability in the region or blocking users in the European Union from accessing it”

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