GTA 6 trailer forced to drop early

This game looks to be full of Florida Men!

MajorLinux - Editor-in-chief

Well, I was hoping that I could catch the new GTA trailer tomorrow morning with my morning bowl of cereal. But Christmas came early!

The new trailer for what is now confirmed to be GTA 6 (or VI if Roman Numerals are your thing) was posted earlier this evening. This was after it was leaked. Rockstar’s tweet about it read as if the developers are pretty annoyed by it. Or maybe that’s just me.

Off the bat, it does seem like I got what I wanted in a modern take of Vice City. It also looks to be taking shots at Florida as a whole. I even saw some “Florida Man” antics in there. There seems to be a social media aspect where I feel like influencers may take some space. Weasel News makes a return, too. That plus a man in an American flag hat grabbing his crotch will definitely deliver the MAGA vibes.

But, with all that, the story does seem to center around a couple of thieves doing the Bonnie and Clyde routine. The beginning of the trailer shows the “Bonnie” character in what appears to be a parole hearing. I can see this turning into a “one last score that gets out of hand” story.

Lastly, the visuals of this trailer were amazing. Definitely built with the current generation in mind. That, however, has me scared as PC games lately have been on the heavy side. And with a 2025 release, It might make my 3080 Ti work for it.

With all that out of the way, I can’t wait for this game to come out. I’m definitely sold on it. But they have almost 2 years to keep my interest.

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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