Filmic team laid off by parent company

Yet another company putting money over people.

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Everyday, it gets worse being in tech. You go into a space that you believe in. You try to do great work. But, in the end, it could all just vanish. This weekend, it seems this may have happened to the Filmic team.

Filmic is a very popular video recording app on the iPhone. It adds a ton more features to the video recorder like ISO, shutter speed, mic levels, and so much more. So, it’s sad to say that its parent company, Bending Spoons, is laying off the entire team. This report is coming from PetaPixel. Even the founder and CEO Neill Barham was confirmed to no longer be with the company via LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that Bending Spoons, an Italy-based app developer, who acquired Filmic in 2022, was also behind the recent changes to Evernote. Also, this is the third company I’ve seen lately to acquire a company only to turn around and gut it. Bending Spoons has even removed any “mention of Filmic or its apps” from its website.

With Bending Spoons not addressing the reports, there may not be a future for Filmic. Apple themselves moved on to using Blackmagic’s apps for its October event.

But free market capitalism is the best system around.

Source: 9to5Mac

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