Duolingo is doubling down on AI and it’s costing people their jobs

When saving a buck goes from cost cutting to job cutting.

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Just so you. know, its an election year. One of the things you will probably hear from many people is how jobs are being taken away from hard working Americans. Some foreign group is coming into the country to replace us. Well, they’d be partially right. Jobs are being taken away from working class Americans. However, it isn’t a foreign group. It’s the capitalist class here in the US. AI has slowly become the cheapest labor companies can find. And Duolingo is getting a piece of that action.

Tuesday, Duolingo announced that it will be cutting 10 percent of its contractors. They also stated that AI will be replacing them.

We just no longer need as many people to do the type of work some of these contractors were doing. Part of that could be attributed to AI.”

Duolingo spokesperson told to Bloomberg

Bloomberg also reports that Chief Executive Officer Luis von Ahn told shareholders back in November about the company’s plans to lean in on AI. It is being used to generate scripts “dramatically faster.” It is also relying on the technology to generate voices that its users hear in the app.

There are also customer-facing AI features. In the company’s premium tier, Duolingo Max, subscribers get a chatbot to explain responses. Another feature named Roleplay allows users to practice conversationally in mock scenarios.

Again, I want to state that I am not against AI, but when people are losing jobs over this, people can’t just ignore it. I’d rather the technology not exist than watch it cause a greater divide between the working and ruling classes.

Source: Engadget

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