Epic is giving away a game a day for the holidays again

I really wish I could consolidate all my Destiny 2 content now.

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For a company that says its storefront is nowhere near profitable, Epic Games sure loves to give games away.

From December 13 to the end of the month, Epic Games will be giving away a free game every day. Now, unlike the weekly games they normally do, these games will only be available for 24 hours. If you sleep on it, you miss out.

Also, unlike the weekly games, you will not know what’s coming down the pipe. Each game is a secret until the day comes.

Today’s game, however, is Destiny 2: The Legacy Collection. This will definitely be something I’ll be picking up. The unfortunate bit is that I own most of this collection on Steam, but not all of it.

What would really be nice is if Bungie would let me sync all of my purchases so I can play it all in one place. Maybe I can just switch versions when I need to access certain content.

Can I even do that?

But I digress.

Along with the 17 days of Epic-mas, Epic Games Store is holding its holiday sale. There you can get 33% off any purchases $14.99 or more. Maybe they have some Baldur’s Gate in there.

Source: Polygon

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