Epic Games admits that the Epic Game Store is not profitable

Maybe less free games next time?

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Epic Games seems to be taking the Microsoft approach in their legal battle against Google.

Nearly five years ago, Epic launched their PC gaming storefront to compete with Steam. Along with a place for Fortnite, Epic scored a good number of exclusives (timed or otherwise). However, it doesn’t look like it worked out for them.

Steve Allison, head of Epic Games Store said as much on the witness stand. He stated that while it isn’t profitable yet, growth is still Epic’s “goal”. Emails that were shown off during the Epic vs. Apple trial suggested that Epic was planning to control 50 percent of PC gaming revenue.

Epic Games is still trying to attract publishers and developers with an 88/12 split while steam is still operating at a 70/30 split. Steam’s split is equal to what Apple and Google publicly offer on their platforms, as well. Epic also has the First Run program that will give 100% of the revenue provided you only sell on Epic Games Store for 6 months.

I’m sure giving 2 games for free doesn’t help much. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love a free game every now and then, but you aren’t making the dent you thought you were and you laid off a bunch of folks, so…

Source: IGN

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