Skull and Bones still in choppy waters with yet another delay

It's not a pirate's life for me

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Any time the topic has come up, I have always said that I am a big fan of the pirate combat in Assassin’s Creed 4. So, when it was announced that they were making a ship combat game based on that part of AC4, I was all in.

Cut to six years later, and that game has yet to come out. While there have been many closed betas and a trailer or three, the game is still not here and it won’t be until 2024.

Mentioned in part of Ubisoft’s latest earnings report, another delay for Skull and Bones has been announced pushing the game to an unknown point in early fiscal year 2023-24. This was to crate a “much more polished and balanced experience and to build awareness”.

On top of that, there was another “large game” that also got pushed back to the end of their current fiscal year which is March 31, 2024. There has been speculation that this game is Star Wars: Outlaws.

Now, if that’s the case, take your time on Outlaws. Disney wouldn’t want a subpar product (as I side-eye Jedi Survivor).

In Skull and Bones’ case, Ubisoft might as well take it out back and Old Yeller it. It’s getting into vaporware territory.

Source: Eurogamer

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