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No love for the standard controller

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Yesterday, Xbox released their monthly update for Xbox (Series X|S, One, and PC) and with it comes a slew of new features. The main things that I want to highlight are keyboard mapping for controllers and choosing how much data you sent to Microsoft for diagnostics.

So, let’s get into it!

Keyboard mapping for Xbox controllers

A huge ask by PC gamers and accessibility communities, Xbox is now adding the ability to map PC inputs to your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller. This is actually a great feature for games that don’t have controller support (a lot of older PC games don’t) or allow you to map other features that may be present on keyboards that don’t have a button counterpart.

This feature can be accessed through the Xbox Accessories App.

While I see the reason it’s limited to the Elite and Adaptive controller, I still wished that a regular controller could get access for the games that don’t have controller support period. Maybe that’ll come later.

Choose your preferences to share diagnostic data across any Xbox device

Data is very important. It’s actually the most valuable thing you own. And Microsoft wanted to make it easier for users to protect that data.

Many internet-connected hardware or software products collect metrics on how to improve the service, some of it is optional and you have the ability to turn it on or off. Xbox is one of those products that enables you to do this. However, it was tied to the device and not the accounts logged in.

Microsoft decided to change that with this update to make the optional data collection selection account-based. This means that once you make a change to optional data collection on one system, the changes are made account wide. No matter what console you log into, it will make sure that your wishes are honored. This goes for any Xbox console, cloud gaming, PC, or mobile device you log into.

There are plenty of other things they talk about on Xbox Wire, so please check out the source link below to get full details on what’s included in this update.

Source: Xbox Wire

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