Flipboard chucks the deuces to Twitter as it joins Mastodon

It's great to see companies take a stand!

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With everything going on over on Twitter, it seems a bit weird that journalists and media outlets still cling to the service. This is why I’m so glad to see another company taking a stand and leaving. Flipboard has been doing things over on Mastodon for a minute, but now they officially made it home.

Flipboard made it official on Medium Tuesday. It stated that the company will not be “actively monitoring or posting updates on X.” They may occasionally retweet something, but that’s it. They are taking the talents to Mastodon and other open social platforms.

There are two reasons for Flipboard’s move from Twitter. The first is the nearly non-existent moderation since Musky Musk took over. That has definitely led to a huge influx of hate speech, disinformation, and misinformation. Not to mention the hissy fits Musk throws when being called out.

The other reason is that Flipboard’s goal of working with federated services. We’ve seen other companies like Mozilla, Automattic, and Medium using ActivityPub and are thriving!

As widely reported, Twitter/X’s rollback of moderation policies has led to a rise in harmful rhetoric and hate speech and its platform decisions have advanced false narratives and disinformation. These changes run contrary to our values and so we’ve decided to invest in other, healthier environments.”

Excerpt from Flipboard’s Medium post

Not only is Flipboard coming over to the Fediverse, they have launched a new podcast to discuss it. It is called Dot Social and is hosted by Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. The first episode is live right now and it features Techdirt founder Mike Masnick.

Source: The Verge

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