Authy moved its desktop EOL to March

Hopefully they won't alter the deal any further.

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When it comes to software, if a date can be pushed up, it’s normally looked at as a good thing. In the case of Authy, moving the app’s End of Life date my cause some people to panic.

Earlier, we mentioned that Twilio was planning to drop support for its desktop app in August. It seems the owner of Authy has decided to push that time table up a bit.

According to an updated support article, the new date is set for March 19, 2024. It has not been confirmed that the app will cease to function. However, according to an email I received as a user, any Authy-based account tokens will not work.

Screenshot of email I received from Twilio

So, this means you have an even shorter time to get Authy working on a mobile device or switch to another MFA app. If you go the latter route, you’ll have to start the MFA registration process for every account from scratch. Authy lacks an export feature to make it easier.

For such a vital tool in online security, rushing to remove a MFA app doesn’t seem like its in the best interest of the internet.

Source: MacRumors

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