Game Pass gave users access to $5000 worth of games in 2023

I don't think I scratched the surface

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2023 was the best of times. It was the worst of times. While we’ve had massive gaming successes, hardships were not that far behind. Given that 2023 has been a huge bummer for me, I’m glad I’ve had something like Xbox Game Pass to hold me down. But did I get the full value of it?

It was noted by The Loadout that last year, Xbox brought over $5000 in gaming value over to those who subscribed to the service. We’re talking about big buck AAA titles along with some amazing Indie titles.

With little to no money to put into gaming last year, Game Pass was a saving grace for me. I was able to play a few of the big games that came out last year. Starfield was my game of the year and I have definitely enjoyed myself with Forza Motorsport. Even some of the games that @kevikev enjoyed were Game Pass additions.

However, Kev does have a rule. If it is cheaper to obtain the game through other means, like Steam, he’d snatch it their in a heartbeat. And I don’t blame him. While my motivation wouldn’t be to save money, I’d sooner buy the game on Steam because of my Steam Deck. Thinking of the other handheld gaming PCs running Windows, I wonder if that stance would still hold up if I owned one of those.

And there’s the issue. For $17/month, are subscribers getting anywhere near to $5000. Are they playing every game that shows up? I wonder if subscribers are getting the $204/year out of the service. That’s about 3 full priced games a year (at $60 or $70). I know I got that much out of it. I finished Starfield and I would have bought Forza Motorsport outright. Along with playing a few indies and Redfall , I think I made it to at least that mark.

How about you? Did you get your money’s worth out of Game Pass? Or do you not subscribe?

I need to something about my lapsed subscription.

Source: VG247

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