6 “Honorable Mentions” Demos from Steam Next Fest (February 2024)


I played a bunch of awesome, awesome game demos last week but there were some many I could not list them all. So I thought, what if I made an honorable mentions list? So here are 6 more demos for your consideration

Pine Hearts

A cute and cozy tale about loss and memories. This open world puzzle game will have you helping campers as you make your way to climbing a mountain. I was so amazed at the art style and the way you can unlock new abilities through memories. The writing was snappy and yes you can pet a dog. So that’s a GOTY contender right there, lol.


A super solid city builder. Retro inspired in the vein of the old Sierra citybuilders. If you want a city builder that could run on a toaster, this is for you!

Regency Solitaire II

What if Bridgerton was a card game and here you go! The story was well written (and yes I did the accents when I read the text). Gameplay was fun and simple to learn. Just a good time and I can’t wait to check it out.


Pretty much FTL with card-base roguelike elements. Also reminds me of Earthless in the best of ways. Good story and gives you a reason of doing what you are doing.


Picture this. You are an alien and you’re tasked to infiltrate a planet to see if it ready for alien settlement. You crash land in your human form and are mistaken for the new owner of the village farm. It seems you have to learn to blend as a human and try not to be exposed. Love it when games switch up the farming sim genre. Very much on my radar.


Can’t really tell you the story but it is just joy! You can roll down hills and slap veggies. Building/Crafting is awesome and you can play with 3 other players. I can’t wait to be rolling and slapping produce with my friends.

And That’s That

If you want to see everything I played on the list (except Shinehill), I’ve drop a Youtube playlist of my Steam Next Fest demo gameplay vids. Thank you for reading and let’s play some games!

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