Tesla is just as deadly in China as it is in the US thanks to Autopilot

At what point do we call Tesla's glorified beta cars?

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Looks like China and the US have finally agreed on something. It appears that they would like to have safer autonomous cars on its roads. So, China demanded that Tesla do something about a couple of flaws on it cars.

Tesla has issued a recall of 1.62 million vehicles that have been sold in China. The issue is the same Autopilot issue that was addressed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On top of that, another recall was made for yet another issue Tesla fixed here in the States. This recall is for 7,538 imported Model S and Model X cars. Those cars are suspected to have door latches that will open during a crash.

As much as my car screams at me for not being “alert enough”, how did Tesla slip through these cracks?

Also, how does a door latch controlled by software a good thing?

But only a genius will sell people a beta version of a car.

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