Google guilty of breaking labor laws against YouTube Music staff

Hey, Google! How do I not mess around in unions' faces?

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The NLRB isn’t taking any prisoners in 2024 and I love to see it! After launching an investigation into SpaceX, the National Labor Relations Board made a decision about Google and its relationship with contract workers.

Yesterday, the NLRB made a ruling stating that Google’s unwillingness to bargain with unionized contractors working on YouTube Music is illegal. Although Google denies this, the panel decided that Google and subcontractor Cognizant are joint employers of the contract workers. The team, based out of Austin, TX, are responsible for data-related tasks including finding discrepancies in the charts algorithm.

This all kicked off last year when 40 workers voted to join the Alphabet Workers Union. The main issue at hand was forcing employees back into the office. Some of these employees get paid $19/hour and were hired outside of Austin. Understandably, finding childcare and suffering through new transportation expenses were going to be an issue.

Also, if you remember, Google had a similar issue back in November. That time, it was between Google and Bard contractors. Then, Google made the same claim that they are not responsible for the contractors. The subcontractor, Accenture, also responded by laying off people and shipping jobs overseas.

If companies just actually listened and work with their employees.

Source: The Verge

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