GM pulling the Chevy Blazer EV due to “software quality issues”

You havin' car problems. I feel bad you, son. You got 23 problems and I got none!

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A lot of the people I follow on Instagram love to put inspiring quotes in their posts and stories. Some of them tend to be along the lines of not listening to the naysayers. For the most part, that’s a great philosophy. However, that doesn’t apply to everything you do. GM, I’m talking to you.

Reports of the Lyriq infotainment system crashing during test drives of the Chevy Blazer EV. Some journalists have reported that the screen just going out in the middle of a drive. Another stated that when trying to charge the SUV, they received a notification to take it into service. This isn’t looking too good for the electric vehicle as a whole at this point. Maybe the lack of CarPlay and Android Auto is the least of GM’s worries.

And GM believes so, too. They have halted the sell of the Blazer EV until they can work out the bugs.

Our team is working quickly to roll out a fix, and owners will be contacted with further information on how to schedule their update.”

Chad Lyons, Chevrolet communications executive director

We’re aware that a limited number of customers have experienced software-related quality issues with their Blazer EV. Customer satisfaction is our priority and as such, we will take a brief pause on new deliveries.”

Scott Bell, Chevrolet vice president

There is no number of the amount of Blazers are affected by this issue other than “limited”. I’d venture a guess and say it’s “limited” because the car may not have officially rolled out yet, but that’d be giving GM too much credit.

According to Edmunds, its Blazer EV was in the shop for two weeks. At 23 fault codes on a diagnostics test, it was “the single longest list of major faults we at Edmunds have ever seen on a new car.”

And just when I thought Tesla was having a bad month.

Source: The Verge

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