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I’m doing it! I’m finally doing it!

For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Marcus Summers. I go by MajorLinux online. I’ve been going by that moniker since 2007 when I needed a new Gmail account.

If it wasn’t evident by the name, I’m a huge fan of technology. As my mom would tell it, I’ve been into tech since I was two years old. She says that I used to leave her side at the grocery store and go around the counter to see what the cashiers were doing. I believe her because I’ve been interested in computers for as far as I remember. I learned how to setup PCs at my church. I used to take a Mac Plus to middle school like it was a laptop. I took every computer course I could in high school. And I eventually graduated NC A&T State University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. That took a while because while I was in school, I learned about Linux and took a giant detour to become a Linux System Administrator before finishing my degree.

1986 Macintosh Plus computer at the National Science and Technology Museum (MUNCYT) in A Coruña.

Not only am I into tech, but I’m into gaming, too. Growing up, I wasn’t able to play video games a lot because it was going to “rot my brain”. Being a Black kid in the rural South in the 90s wasn’t really doing me any favors as it was, so gaming sure wasn’t going to help. I’d play the occasional NES, N64, or PlayStation 2 at home, maybe some SNES at my cousins’ houses, or get a glimpse of the greater gaming world through the occasional gaming magazine. But that never stopped my interest in gaming. I stuck with what I could get here and there until I was able to buy my own slim PS2 and finally got that gaming independence I craved so much.

Obviously, since then, a lot of time has passed. I’ve created blogs before. I’ve been on podcasts to talk about technology and gaming. It’s been really hard to find my voice during that time. But what I realized that it shouldn’t just be my voice. Others would like to be heard, too. It’s difficult for people to find a place to give them a chance.

So, I’m happy to announce the launch of Desk Chair Analysts, a new gaming and technology site where we cover these topics from the lens of marginalized people of color. To give space for people who look like me and have gone through similar experiences like I have to say what they would like to say about their favorite topics.

I call it Desk Chair Analysts mainly because we act like the armchair analysts who think they can do better than those who run the companies, sports teams, etc. The twist is, that most of us, while sitting in our desk chairs could probably run those companies better than the tech and gaming CEOs currently do. And I’m very confident about the creators here. I believe they all can.

Thank you so much for visiting the site and we hope that you’ll keep coming here for more gaming and technology news and so much more!

And maybe even join us!

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
Marcus Summers is a Linux system administrator by trade. He has been working with Linux for nearly 15 years and has become a fan of open source ideals. He self identifies as a socialist and believes that the world's information should be free for all.

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