Google Titan Security Keys have been refreshed to store passkeys

Hey, Google! Can you send me an updated one?

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I forget how I obtained my Google Titan key, but the one thing I wish it did was actually make signing into things easier. Especially now that passkeys are a thing. I love the idea of passkeys and having a device I just need to tap to login is great. It just doesn’t work with my setup.

I’m starting to think I wasn’t alone as Google has released new Titan Security Keys that allow users to store passkeys on them. I was initially excited because I thought this was an update to existing security keys. Then I realized it’s a new product and I’m still out of luck.

The key that I and others before now owned only serve as the second authentication factor when signing into services. It serves a purpose similar to using Authy or Google Authenticator to enter in numbers or (and please don’t ever use these) having a service email or text you a code for entry.

These new Titan keys will not only do what the previous generation did, they will also store passkeys. That’s because they are based on the FIDO2 spec. All it takes is putting in your username, plugging in the key, and typing a PIN.

Luckily, these keys only cost $30 for the USB-A version and $35 for the USB-C one. Both come with NFC. They are available from the Google Store for the US, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Source: 9to5Google

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