Amazon Luna appears to be backpacking across Europe

Well, this is a bit of a surprise.

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You’d think with all the cuts Amazon has been making lately, Amazon Luna wouldn’t be making any moves. In fact, the service has been fairly quiet lately. Well, it looks like that’s changing. Luna is branching out to more of Europe.

When Amazon Luna first launched, it was only for the US. Only in 2023 did it expand to the UK, Canada, and Germany. Now it packed it’s bags, left the hostile, and is making its way to France, Italy, and Spain.

It’s been an exciting year for Luna with the cloud gaming service celebrating its one-year anniversary in the U.S. and becoming available to customers in the United KingdomGermany, and Canada. Today, we’re thrilled to bring Luna to gamers in FranceItaly and Spain, giving more customers the opportunity to play games like they stream movies — no expensive gaming hardware or lengthy downloads required.

If you forgot what Amazon Luna was, it is similar to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud streaming and Nvidia GeForce Now. It allows you to stream games directly over a browser without the need of expensive gaming hardware. Games are normally provided through a changing selection of titles via Amazon Prime. You also have access to Luna+, Ubisoft+, and other subscription channels. There are also certain devices that you can stream games from. Those range from mobile phones, laptops, Chromebooks, and certain TVs from Samsung, LG< and Amazon Fire TV.

Also, don’t forget that Amazon Luna also has a controller similar to what Google Stadia offered. The controller will be expanding to those regions at a discounted €39.99 through November 27.

Source: 9to5Google

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