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What’s good, everybody?!

This isn’t a transcript of the video, but kind of the description of it in case you can’t watch it.

Essentially, I’ve been burnt out but not really burnt out. I say that meaning that I’ve been doing a bunch of other things outside of Desk Chair Analysts almost since the launch of it. Maybe launching it just after a ethnic cleansing of a nation began wasn’t the smartest move.

That being said, the site is staying up because there are other amazing contributors to the site who are writing and covering amazing things. Maybe not at the pace I once was, but I appreciate them for doing amazing work in my absence.

I do intend on coming back to write, but I don’t know when exactly. It’s hard to do so when all this seems trivial compared to what’s really happening in the world.

This also means that Tech Talk Thursday may fall back to how we were covering news prior to the DCA launch. While that is a little disappointing, it does mean that TTT isn’t going away, either.

Life finds a way to kick you in the teeth sometimes, and that’s okay. You just gotta recover and get back into the fight when you’re able to.

If you’d like to support what we do here, you can always go to https://patreon.com/deskchairanalyts. It is never required, but it is most certainly appreciated. My main priority is to make sure people get tech and gaming news and analysts from smart perspectives that rarely ever get to share them.

Again, thank you all for your support thus far!


– Marcus “MajorLinux” Summers

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
Marcus Summers is a Linux system administrator by trade. He has been working with Linux for nearly 15 years and has become a fan of open source ideals. He self identifies as a socialist and believes that the world's information should be free for all.
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