Malicious translation to blame for Ubuntu 23.10 being pulled (Update: It’s back up)

Some people just don't know how to act

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Update (Oct. 16 4:21 PM):

Canonical has now put the Ubuntu 23.10 downloads back up! These have been “sanitized” that should exclude the terrible translations included in the original versions. Happy Ubuntu Day (again?)!


Yesterday was supposed to be a happy Ubuntu 23.10 Day for the Debian-based Linux operating system. However, due to the discovery of hate speech from a bad actor, it was anything but happy.

Canonical made announcements through Twitter and Discourse with more information. They mentioned that a “specific set of translations of the Ubuntu Desktop installer UI” was the issue and have taken some quick steps to remedy the issue.

Because of the open source nature of the project, some clues as to what happened can be gleamed from GitHub. It appears that the Ukrainian translation has been removed in its entirety.

Source: OMG Ubuntu

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