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Okay, okay! Before the Linux, Mac, and overall security folks come through, I know! I know that Microsoft has made Windows an adware nightmare. It literally should have its own CVE because it’s a giant vulnerability. But I do still use it. I use it mainly for gaming and video editing. The one thing I don’t use is OneDrive. And now I’m glad I don’t.

Microsoft has been known to push additional services to users that they don’t normally need. Their security settings will flag as not fully secure if OneDrive isn’t on by default. There is a good intention behind it, though. They want to make sure you are protected against ransomware attacks. However, why not ask me if I have other backup software? I use Backblaze for offsite. I even use your (and I don’t know how this still exists) Windows 7 backup utility to backup files to a file server on my network. But I get it. You’re looking out for us.d

But what we’re not going to do today is give me the third degree when I want to close you if I had you open. Microsoft began testing an update to OneDrive that will ask you why you are closing it as if you were shutting down Microsoft Windows Server. The terrible thing about it is you can’t just dismiss the dialog box until you give it an answer. It sounds like my son who will continue to ask me a question and get closer to my face until I answer. Or this:

Previous versions of this would tell you that you wouldn’t be able to sync, which is okay. I mean, people will just assume things will still happen even if an app is closed. But what they are testing now shouldn’t have made it off the white board. Nay, it shouldn’t have parted someone’s lips.

OneDrive exit dialog box courtesy of ArsTechnica

Between Nov. 1 and 8, a small subset of consumer OneDrive users were presented with a dialog box when closing the OneDrive sync client, asking for feedback on the reason they chose to close the application. his type of user feedback helps inform our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our products.”

Microsoft’s statement

What happened to the days where an OS just let you install whatever you wanted, no questions asked?

Linux users, I warned you!

Source: Ars Technica

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