Nvidia is going to CES

They're gonna need some Super price reductions

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Nvidia has started reaching out to press to invite them to a “special address” at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. People are noticing that these invites are being sent just after rumors began circulating about RTX 40-series Super graphics cards possibly being announced at CES 2024.

The invites don’t say anything about graphics cards or GeForce in any capacity. Nor does it say who’s presenting the keynote. It does say when it’s happening. I mean, that’s very important information.

But let’s get back to these leaks. It appears some folks have been sharing details about RTX 4080 and 4070 Super cards for some time. Some say that the 4080 Super will come with 20 GB of VRAM instead of the 16 GB the original ships with. Also, the 4080 and 4070 Super will have higher memory buses than launch brethren.

If this all pans out, this will be the first time we’ve seen super cards since the 20-series back in 2019.

Now, I really don’t care about Super cards unless they help fix GPU pricing. However, with Nvidia seemingly running unchecked, I doubt we’ll see them fix these issues.

Are you excited for these Super cards? Are you gonna hold off until January to pick up a new GPU?

Source: The Verge

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