Steam might allow you to hide your shame

What's in your Steam library?

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Have you ever seen a game bundle that you may have no business buying. You buy it because you’re morbidly curious about the titles. You put the games in your Steam library. Then the shame sets in once you realize all your friends can see what you’ve done.

Well, don’t worry friends. Valve has your back on this one. It is working on a Steam feature that will allow you to hide those games from people who might be secretly or even overtly judging you for your decisions.

Thanks to SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik, we may have an idea of what this may look like. It appears that you can set each game in your library as “private”. This should keep those who just don’t understand from calling you out during your next gameplay session. Never again will people ask why you have a couple of Hunie games in your collection.

It also seems like new parental controls are also on the way as well. So, not everything found was made to hide a specific group of games in the Sakura series.

Nobody will ever know your shame. Do you even have something to hide? Probably not.

Source: VG247

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