More 23andMe user records appear online

Not how I expected genetics data to be used, but just as bad.

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It looks like the 23andMe hacker wasn’t quite done uploading data as 4 million additional records appeared online from Great Britain. The hacker also claims that it includes data from “the wealthiest people living in the U.S. and Western Europe.”

The hacker, going by the name Golem, published this new data on Tuesday. TechCrunch went through the data and verified it against public user data from the genetics site.

Andy Kill, spokesperson for 23andMe, stated that they were made aware of the new leak today and are “reviewiing the data to determine if it is legitimate.”

Just to job your memory, on October 6, 23andMe made the public aware that hackers had extracted some user data from the company by using a method called “credential stuffing.”

Source: TechCrunch

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