Twitch to lift simulcasting restrictions

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I guess with more and more people leaving the streaming platform for others with looser restrictions, Twitch has decided to loosen the reigns on their own.

Today, Twitch has made a change to their simulcasting guidelines to allow for any creator, including affiliates and partners to stream on any platform they choose along with Twitch. This is a huge change as Twitch has expressly forbidden affiliate and partners from streaming on platforms other than Twitch unless they had express permission.

While this does sound like great news, there are some guidelines that must be followed:

  • You ensure that the quality of Twitch users’ experience of your Simulcast is, at a minimum, no less than the experience on other platforms or services, including by your engagement with the Twitch community, for example, via chat.
  • You should not provide links, or otherwise direct your community, to leave Twitch for your simulcast on other services because we value the community on Twitch and the integral role community engagement plays for all Twitch users.
  • You do not use third-party services that combine activity from other platforms or services on your Twitch stream during your Simulcast, such as merging chat or other features, to ensure the Twitch community is included in the entirety of the experience of your livestream.

They mentioned that if you do not follow the guidelines, they will extend a warning before taking any enforcement actions.

Source: Twitch

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