Ones To Watch: Indie World 11/14/23


Yesterday, Nintendo released their Indie World showcase. It’s Nintendo’s way to show off indie games and the devs who make them. Here are just a few games that caught my eye and should be on your radar as well!

Core Keeper

This is a 2D sandbox survival game brought to us from the fine folks of Pugstorm. It supports up to 8 player online co-op. Currently you can play this one early access on Steam but if you want to play it on Nintendo device you can do so Summer 2024.

One Your Tail

A little sleuthy life sim game brought to us from Humble Games/Memorable Games. We play as Diana (pictured here) as we spend the summer in this quaint, seaside town solving mysteries for the locals. I absolutely love the art style and character designs. I can’t wait for this one. We are looking at a 2024 release

Backpack Hero

I absolutely adore quirky roguelite games and this one is no different. Brought to us by Jaspel, it begs the question, what if item management was also an attack strategy. You have to use the items and weapons placement in your backpack to defeat foes. Looks like all those playthroughs of the Resident Evil games is finally paying off! You can check this one out now. Also there is a demo, if you want to try it. If you like, it’s 15 percent off. Sounds like a win win to me!

The Star Named EOS

This first person narrative puzzle game is brought to you by Sliver Lining Studio. We are tasked to use our photo skills to figure out our mother’s disappearance. By solving puzzles and putting clues together, it brings us into the photos themselves. This one is slated for a Spring 2024 release

Moonstone Island

This game is something special to me. I have had my eye on this for a while. This legit has all my favorite genres. Farming sim, life sim, crafting, card battling, monster capturing, you name it. Just so chockful of awesome, a paragraph just can’t do it justice. It is currently out on Steam but it will grace the Nintendo hybrid in Spring 2024!

So that’s that for my Indie World Showcase coverage. Looking forward to sitting on my couch or back patio and vibing with these awesome indies. Shoutout to Nintendo for giving indie devs a place to shine! If you want to watch the whole thing, check it out here:

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