Nothing has iMessage like Apple

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I really don’t know what people were expecting. Nothing can do what Apple does. And it proved it.

Nothing, a phone brand created by Carl Pei when he left OnePlus, announced that it will be bringing “Nothing Chats” to their phones. This app is supposed to gain iMessage compatibility later in the month.

The app will be leveraging the power of Sunbird. Sunbird is an unofficial iMessage client that was created last year. It has over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. With this interoperability, all a user would need to do is log in with their Apple ID. Nothing claims that there will be end-to-end encryption that will be inline with Sunbird’s privacy policy.

Car Pei created a video explaining that individual and group chats, typing indicators, and full-size media sharing will be present. Read receipts, message reactions, and replies will be added later.

This will likely be Nothing Phone (2)’s messaging application as it will support RCS as well. The app will be available to US, UK, and EU customers on November 17.

This is wild. The last time I heard of Sunbird was from Mozilla. But I might check out this Sunbird app on one of my Android phones. Also, I wonder if this would have been an issue with the Nothing Phone (2) wasn’t released in the US.

Source: MacRumors

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