Ones to Watch: Steam Next Fest October 2023


Better Late Than Never

I know, I know. I am late but I am here and let’s talk about all the demos I played over the Steam Next Fest.


Think of the words, magical 4X city builder card game and that is WitchHand. It starts off slow with simple things, like gathering resources and money. Then you start making spells to expand your city, make familiars, fight off evil creatures. It has this “one more turn” quality to it. If you want to see more of it, you can watch some gameplay here:


What if Slay the Spire was mixed with Battlestar Galactica/XCOM. That’s Earthless. You are leading one of many, many, many expeditions leaving Earth for a new home. As a roguelite, every journey is different and every route is not same. I love the card battling nature of it. Also, there is a mechanic called Heat, so as you move around the field, you draw heat. You can play cards that remove heat in order to move farther. Another in a long line of roguelite card games that shouldn’t be missed!

The Crust

This has the makings of being something really really special for me. A basebuilder-type game where you can split focus between above or below the moon’s crust. I’m a big logistics guy so games where I can set up systems and watch it go.

Pioneers of Pagonia

This right here has the makings of being on my GOTY list next year. This game is basically an Early Access “The Settlers” and I am here for it. I love the art style and mechanics. If you want to see more about it, you can check out my gameplay video here:


Since I already wrote about this game (which you can read here) so I will keep it. A climbing adventure game with a narrative that unfolds as you progress. Another one for my GOTY list this year. The art style is so good!! I loved every minute of it!

Wishlist everything.

So that’s my coverage of the Steam Next Fest October 2023. If you are interested with all the games mentioned, please wishlist everything because that helps the devs out with discoverability. Looking forward to these releases and the next fest. I can’t wait!!

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