Some third-party Xbox accessories may not be good anymore

Does your controller have the right stuff?

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Well, if you were hoping to save a few bucks and get just any ol’ third-party Xbox controller for your system, you might want to check the label. If it doesn’t have the “Designed for Xbox” sticker, you might want to take it back.

Windows Central has reported that several folks in the Xbox community noticed a warning popup when using unlicensed controllers. When they tried to connect, they would get an “error 0x82d60002”. According to the Xbox Support Page, that means whatever they tried to plug in “was not manufactured by Microsoft or another licensed Xbox hardware partner”.

At least one company, Brook Gaming, has stated that some of their products will be affected.

If you happen to have one of these third-party controllers, you have some time left to pick up a licensed accessory. You have two weeks (November 12) of use before it will be permanently blocked.

At that time, you’ll receive error code 0x82d60003. We encourage you to contact the store or manufacturer where you obtained the accessory to get help with returning it.”


You can tell if you have an official controller if:

  • There is an Xbox button on the face of the controller, or
  • There is an Xbox logo between the left and right triggers

Also, if you are looking for a controller or accessory, Microsoft has helped you out. They have a “Designed for Xbox” program that works with major brands to make sure your equipment will always work. You can find them by locating the badge on the packaging.

Source: Eurogamer

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