Sony just announced new slimmer PS5s with removable drives

So small it might actual fit in your house

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Sony decided they wanted to ruin Forza Motorsport’s launch day with the news that slimmer PS5s will be available for the holiday season.

While the systems look similar in design to the launch models, these systems are 30% smaller in volume to the existing PS5s.

Outside of the size, the big news here is that the digital edition of the console can use an attachable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disk Drive. It appears you remove the cover from the bottom right of the system (if upright) and attach the drive and a new panel with the drive bulge. This is good for users who may either change their mind on digital only or may need to add a drive if the situation calls for it.

Outside of these changes, the only other change is a small bump in storage from 825 GB to a full 1 TB. The rest of the internals remain about the same.

Availability for these systems will November at select retailers and directly through Sony.

Prices for the attachable drive will be $79.99.

Prices for these new systems will be

  • PS5 with Drive – $499.99
  • PS5 w/o Drive – $449.99

People may be quick to notice that the digital version has gone up by $50 which means you’ll be paying more for it and a drive if you decide to get them separately.

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