Spotify wants more money…again…in less than a year

I wonder how many people are listening to audiobooks on Spotify

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In life, only a few things are certain. They are death, taxes, and ever increasing subscription fees. This time, Spotify gets to raise its rates. And yes, this happened before less than a year ago.

Thanks to Bloomberg, Lucas Shaw and Ashley Carman report that Spotify is raising the cost due to its recent addition of audio books. On top of that, Spotify is planning on adding a subscription that doesn’t include audiobooks.

For those not in the know, Spotify had tacked on 15 hours of audiobook streaming for free. Then the company decided it was done giving things away, so now it wants at least $1 more.

Bloomberg did mention that five markets will be hit first including the UK, Australia, and Pakistan. The US will be affected later this year.

What it should have done is just release a more expensive Audiobook tier.

But I forget that only the best and brightest work in the tech sector.

Source: 9to5Mac

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