Twitch finally does what it should have been doing with banned users

Still leaves users multiple ways to view

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A couple of months ago, streaming platform Twitch, announced that it was going to start barring users from watching streams from channels they were banned from. This is different than what was available at the time because users were only banned from sending messages, but could still see the content.

Well, that all changes today, as Twitch has started rolling out the feature to creators. It can be enabled by going to the Creator Dashboard and turned on in the moderation settings. Once activated, the next time a user is banned, they should be cut off from chat as well as the video feed.

There are still some caveats to this. For one, a user would just need to log out in order to see the stream again, although, obviously, they still can’t chat. It is also worth noting that Twitch still does not ban a user via their IP address, so all the user would need to do is create another account and can continue where they left off.

As stated earlier, the tool starts its rollout today, however, Twitch says “it may take a little time before available” to everyone.

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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