What I Liked about Summer Game Fest 2024 Kickoff Show


Answer: Ehhh, it was aight!

While I generally enjoy Keigh-3 (see what I did there) of years past, this year the lacks have definitely loss a bit of their luster. However I did find a few awesome moments in the midst of the event. So let’s breakdown a few of them, since we!


CuriousJoi of Youtube/Twitch fame was the secondary presenter for the event and I think it would be robbery not to take time and say: Ma’am you did a good job. She did have a moment of nerves here and there but she handled herself like a pro. Seeing women of color (particularly Black women) in these male dominated spaces is always a breath of fresh air but you were a cool breeze. Bless you ma’am, keep up the good work!

Monster Hunter Wilds will have crossplay and release on PC along with console

My flabbers were thoroughly gasted with every single Monster Hunter Wilds announcement and this time was no different. Monster Hunter (since World) has always had a staggered PC release. Meaning that the PC port would come out after the console. Well that ends now because the PC release will be day and date alongside consoles. Also, Wilds will also have crossplay. So no more having 2 or 3 versions to play with friends.

Outersloth and the huge indie coverage

As a lover of indie games, I love when they get the coverage they deserve. Among Us dev Innersloth launched a new venture called Outersloth, an indie game fund. This allows some indie game projects to be funded. It’s awesome to see indies helping indies. Geoff took time to give a bunch of indie projects love and much respect to him for doing so. Cuffbust, Killer Bean, Palworld, Deer and Boy, Cairn, and Wanderstop are among the games mentioned during the show.

Civilization 7 Announced

Soooooo yeah, I have clocked in a lot of hours with 5 and 6. Needless to say, I was very excited about this! Looking forward to sinking a lot of hours into this one.

And that’s that!

Stay tuned for more SGF coverage as well as my Wholesome Direct coverage as well.

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