Xbox has a toaster to go with your fridge

Even the toaster gets an eject button before the console did.

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From what I’m gathering, people are already giving up on 2024. It’s only been four days and they’ve had enough. It must be why it’s so quiet this week. Sure, CES is going on (or about to start). However, the only new tech that I felt needed to be talked about was the new Xbox Series S…toaster.

Microsoft has never been above the jokes and memes that people have propelled its way over the years. This goes doubly for its Xbox team. Lately, the jokes have been centered around the design choices of its Xbox Series X. If scaled properly, its latest system looks as if it could be a refrigerator. In fact, they actually made not one, but two versions of an Xbox Series X fridge, one of which you can buy.

Luckily, for Xbox fans, Microsoft isn’t done meddling in your kitchen. May I introduce, the Xbox Series S Toaster!

This is totally a real thing that is on sale right now at Walmart for $39.99. Thanks go to Wario64 on Twitter for advertising it.

As you can see, it will imprint the Xbox logo on your toast, will countdown with an LED, and, contrary to the image shown, can support two slices via its extra long slot. Speaking of images, the logo doesn’t look as good in practice.

So, yeah, this is a new product for the gamer in your life. If you missed out on getting a Christmas gift for that special someone, might a suggest a toaster. Or it could be a nice wedding gift.

Source: The Verge

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