Tekken claimed to be racist by rando who didn’t see Leroy or Raven

"It's time to take out the trash!" -Leroy Smith

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In this day and age, some of us have to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to things online. There are some people out there who will sneak in dog whistles and gaslight us into thinking that nothing’s going on when we know there is. Calling the creators of Tekken racist because Eddy Gordo isn’t in it is definitely not one of those.

Unfortunately, Katsuhiro Harada, Game Director for Tekken 8 had to take time out of his day to respond to this absolute clown on Twitter. The user alleges that Harada and his team are racists for not including Eddy Gordo. He then goes on to say the game is filled with [sic] “whites latins and asians”.

The absolute tomfoolery on Musky Musk’s hellsite.

In further replies to the clown’s tweet (which is ironically named [sic]”Unapolagetically Black”), many people have pointed out that Leroy Smith, Raven and Shaheen are all a part of the game.

Through later conversations, Clown Prince just looks over Raven, says Leroy needs to be deleted or made DLC (pick a lane), and that he misses Bruce Irvin and Armor King. Bruce, who is an American Muay Thai fighter, does have dark skin but I wouldn’t say he’s Black, but of Thai descent. Armor King, doesn’t have much information listed about them. Some depictions of Armor King have them featuring darker skin like Bruce, but there’s no way to say he’s Black. All that to say, this doesn’t really matter.

We’d be better off if this level of clownary didn’t exist on the internet. But at least it just sticks to the cesspool that is Twitter.

Source: VG247

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