Xbox is rolling out their November update for consoles and PC

Go update your Xbox now!

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Another month, another update rolling out for the Xbox team.

Xbox app on PC

Compact mode

The team seems to have shrunken down the app a bit to make a little more sense for the mobile PC gamer. Systems like the ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go will be able to take advantage of this new way to view the app.

Microsoft is also working with ASUS to make sure this is enabled by default going forward.

Notifications and banners

In the notifications area, you will now be able to flip a switch to only see the unread notifications.

Gaming Services Repair Tool

This looks like a feature @kevikev could have used when he was having issues with the Xbox app. There is now a dedicated tool to help gamers fix any issues they may be having with the app on PC.

Xbox console updates

Japanese language support for keyboards

For those Japanese gamers out there who felt a bit left out, you now have options for both the physical and virtual keyboard.

Console wish list notifications for Xbox Free Play Days

Got a game you’re itching to play but waiting for that right moment. Well, if that game is available on a Free Play Day weekend, you’ll be notified so you can download it and get some time in to tied you over.

Redeeming rewards via phone authentication

The best second screen experience in my opinion is using it to log onto apps on my TV. Xbox is bringing that functionality to rewards redemption by allowing you to authenticate via your phone when claiming rewards.

Xbox controller firmware update

There is a new firmware update for your controller including bug fixes for Shift mode for keyboard mapping with Elite Series 2 and Adaptive controllers.

For more information, check out the source link below.

Source: Xbox Wire

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