YouTube Premium price is going up for grandfathered accounts

One day, it comes for us all

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In this day and age where companies are making profits left and right, prices seem to go up right along with them. YouTube Premium seems to keep the trend alive, even with its longest supporters.

Back in July, YouTube had announced that they were increasing the price for its Premium subscription. They, however, spared those who were coming from Google Play Music and YouTube Red. Looks like those days are numbered.

Then, the price was increased to $13.99 for new users and those who only subscribed since the conversion to Premium. Those who got in earlier were able to keep their $9.99 price. Those who were in earlier were able to hold on to their $7.99 price.

YouTube did state then that it was temporarily going to hold those prices. It was going to give those users “at least three extra months” to show appreciation for their loyalty. Unfortunately, I missed out because I dropped them briefly for Apple Music some time back.

Honestly, if they made a move like that, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who stuck with Google Play Music/YouTube Red after they changed and merged everything.

To think I missed out on being grandfathered, though.

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