Capcom making smart moves amidst all the layoffs

Capcom did very well and it knew who to thank

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While companies have been laying off employees and closing doors left and right, Capcom decided that it was time to invest in its employees.

In a press release, Capcom announced that it will be raising salaries by at least five percent. It also stated that starting salaries will be increasing for graduate hires next year. Not only that, but a one-off payment will be coming to all current employees and those hired from April 2024 onward. This payment was characterized as “an investment in the people who support the future of the company” by Capcom.

This is a part of Capcom’s new HR investment strategy. The. company wants to make sure it is committing to “pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent”.

For the aforementioned graduate salaries, they are going from ¥235,000 to ¥300,000 ($1,594.05 to $2034.96) a month starting April of next year. We’re looking at a 27.7 percent increase.

While I’m not really on board with the term “human capital”, it is still nice to see that there are some companies who are trying to take care of their staff. It would have been nice to see other companies put their money towards their employees instead of buying other companies or doing stock buybacks to make their investors richer.

Good on you Capcom!

Source: Eurogamer

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