Killer Instinct is going free to play

This is definitely a Killer combo!

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For a game I have very fond memories of, Killer Instinct has kind of been that forgotten child of the fighting game community. What was free-to-play launch game on the Xbox One, you still had to buy it on PC. Well, not anymore!

Killer Instinct is now getting a brand new edition for its 10th anniversary. The base game will be free-to-play on all available platforms.

The new edition will be the Anniversary Edition. This version will replace the Definitive Edition. It is a “premium upgrade” to the base game. With it, all 29 fighters will be unlocked along with skins and accessories. If you already own the Definitive Edition, you will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition free or charge.

If you do not already own either version, you can buy the Anniversary Edition now for $30.

Source: VG247

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