Radeon Anti-Lag+ has been disabled in latest driver to stop bans

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While AMD is looking to find a solution, the company decided to disable its Anti-Lab+ feature from games that supported the feature as a temporary measure to keep people playing their favorite games.

Last weekend, it was discovered that the feature was behind several VAC bans in Counter-Strike 2 and similar bans in Apex Legends. Many gamers took to social media and forums to voice their displeasure in being banned from the games for using a feature that was available to them.

Valve released a statement explaining what the issue was (Anti-Lag+ messing with some DLLs) and vowed to reinstate all players banned because of that once they applied a new update from AMD once it was made available.

Now, the time has come. “We have released the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 23.10.2 driver that disables Anti-Lag+ technology in all supported games and we recommend gamers use the new driver,” AMD stated on Twitter. They also stated they are “actively working with game developers on a solution.”

Source: PCWorld

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