If you love the N64, the Analogue 3D may be for you

Tired of waiting on the N64 Mini?

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Today, gaming hardware manufacturer Analogue announced that they have an upcoming system for those who are a fan of the Nintendo 64. They are taking it on with the Analogue 3D and they have been developing it for the past three years. The console will ship with wireless controllers that were designed by 8BitDo.

The key features that they announced with this system is it’s 100% compatibility with each and every region (USA, Europe, and Japan), 4K resolution with modes to emulate specific CRTS, and 4 controller ports.

Just like other Analogue products, they use a special FPGA chip to create a near identical experience to the original hardware.

The console will be available next year with more official details like pricing releasing at a later date.

Source: GameSpot

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