Immortals of Aveum Demo Hands On

Forever disappointed.

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When it was announced that the Immortals of Aveum was getting a demo, I knew I had to try it out. It was hyped as this magic infused Call of Duty. It was enough to pique my interest as I am a fan of Call of Duty. I also like remixes.

However, when it came out, talk of this game just evaporated. And it wasn’t because it got buried. This game just doesn’t hold a candle to other games that came out in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

The settings

Of course, with any PC game that I play, I’m always digging through the settings. I want to know what was set as the game’s default or what they think my system can handle. If I have to go and tweak some settings, I don’t like to be inconvenienced. The biggest way to do that is by having me restart the game.

Having to restart a game doing settings configuration is annoying on its own. What’s more annoying is having to do that during a game. If I’m playing something and I notice something is off, don’t force me to restart the game to correct the issue.

I know I’m not a game developer. What are the causes for having to do this every time? Maybe it could be something tied to the engine. I’d look at the engine devs and ask them to do something at that point, but I digress.

But this is engine dependant. I’ve played other UE5 games and don’t have to restart a game to make a change. I guess it is still another unfortunate side-effect of playing games on a PC that I’d like to see go away completely.


The settings issue wouldn’t be much of an issue if I was able to get Immortals of Aveum to perform in any way. I was barely hitting 60 FPS and the game just felt sluggish. I toughed it out, but it was not something that I’d want to sit through.


As the demo was only the first three chapters, I don’t know how the rest of the game would have gone. The beginning gameplay was a bit rough for me. It might be because they were framing an FPS through the lens of fantasy, so the tutorializing just felt weird to me. It was like an FPS was lying to me about NOT being an FPS.


Again, with only the first three chapters to go on, the story’s pacing seemed a bit rushed. Again, as a fantasy setting, seeing the main character’s humble beginnings makes sense. But, as an FPS, I was ready to get into the thick of it. That’s not what I was given.

But, what I was given was seemingly cut short to then focus on the FPS bit. Yes, it was what I asked for. However, I didn’t need to be jerked out of it just get to the FPS. I really hope the rest of the game isn’t like this.


As you know, I can’t pass judgement on Immortals of Aveum as I’ve only played the first three chapters (two are in the video). The game did not review well and I believe this demo was released to help sell more copies. What this demo did was confirm to me that this game is not it. For me, at least.

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