Insomniac Games got hacked with employee data as proof

Can Sony actually do something about the hacks?

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Another day, another hack. At the center of a cyberattack from last week, Insomniac Games found themselves in the crosshairs.

According to Cyber Daily, Rhysida, a ransomware group, claimed that they were able to infiltrate Insomniac Games. To verify their claims, it posted files acquired from the unauthorized access of the company. Sony has informed Eurogamer that they are actively investigating the hack.

The files that were made available by the gang had details to the Wolverine game that Insomniac had announced some time ago. Also included were internal emails and personal documents of the developer’s staff.

Rhysida had given Insomniac seven days to pay a ransom of 50 bitcoins or it’ll publish everything. For those keeping score at home, 50 bitcoins is roughly $2 million. Also, the seven days will be up on Tuesday, December 19.

I wonder if Sony has gotten their stuff together when it comes to this hacking business. They’ve kind of been a huge punching bag for hackers ever since the PSN hack back in 2011. I mean, do y’all remember the Sony hack before The Interview was released in theaters? It was so bad that they closed movie theaters for fear of North Korean aggression.

Source: Eurogamer

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