RDNA is in, old AMD GPUs are out

Oh, the memories!

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It looks to be a sad day for some AMD hold outs in the crowd. Any GPUs that are older than the RX 5000 are being left behind. AMD is no longer providing any driver updates for those cards. They will solely be focusing RDNA going forward.

It isn’t doom and gloom, however. The older cards will still be receiving “critical” security and bug fixes. This way, you won’t get tripped up on a bad download somewhere. But that’s all you get.

I remember the Polaris architecture quite fondly. It was with the RX 480 that I got into PC gaming with their amazing price. However, as they were starting to move over to Vega, I switched over to Nvidia and haven’t looked back. I remember Vega being a big deal in that community, but at the time, I believe AMD had some catching up to do. They were crushing it in CPU with Ryzen, but the GPU race was out of the cards for them.

I may need to reach out to the current owner of my RX 480 and tell him the news. I’m sure he’d appreciate the heads up. Maybe he’ll buy an RDNA card.

Source: PCWorld

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