Twitter isn’t letting you hide the checkmark anymore

A whole bunch of folks about to get exposed!

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I’m just gonna say that I’m a petty man. And nothing makes me feel like a child taking their first bite of ice cream like this news. If you happen to be someone who’s hiding a Twitter checkmark, your days are numbered!

Today, Twitter has started to notify paid verified users of the hellsite that wants to be known as “X” that they will be exposed (pun intended). The specific working is “The hide your checkmark feature of X Premium is going away soon.”

This might have something to do with another weird thing Twitter decided to do. Last week, it decided to give people with at least 2,500 premium followers a premium subscription as well. While it was intended to be a “perk”, not a lot of people were keen on the fact that they suddenly had a “Scarlet Letter” on their account.

Again, if you are still on the Twitter, get off! What are you doing?!

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