Spider-Man 2 physical launch spoiled by installation issues

Time to switch to digital?

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If I owned a tinfoil hat, I’d think this was orchestrated by Sony themselves to move more digital consoles, but that’s not gonna happen here…yet.

Users in Europe are having some issues installing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 while using the physical media. The issue seems to be that the game stalls when it reaches 36% installed on a console. Reports coming in from the game’s subreddit that this appears to be an issue with the data on the disk as exchanging it for a new disk does not resolve the issue. Doing basic troubleshooting like disconnecting from the internet or factory resetting the console does not fix the problem.

I was one of the unlucky ones. When I went to get a refund, they took the remainder of the games off the shelf. Doesn’t look like that store was prepared to sell more until they were sure the issue was fixed”

Reddit commenter

Neither Insomniac or Sony have said anything about this issue (as of this writing), other folks have been having luck with Sony support. “[A friend] reached out to Sony who informed them that they’re familiar with the issue and a patch for it should release either today or this weekend”, another commenter mentioned. Others have been told by both companies that they probably have a “faulty disc”.

I wonder how many people they told in that one guy’s neighborhood for his local game store to remove all the copies.

Source: Eurogamer

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