Steam is leaving Windows 7, 8, 8.1 behind

Who is Valve to stand in the way of progress?!

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I’ve been way too into computers for a long time to recognize a great operating system. I mean, there’s nothing like your first home computer OS. Of course, mine was Windows 98. It was perfection. But things got better after time except for that one misstep during the new Millenium and now where we finally find ourselves. That last truly good Windows operating system, Windows 7 (along with Windows 8) are now being cut loose from Steam.

If you take a gander at the Steam Hardware Survey for last month, you might notice that Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are clinging to barely under 1% use. Why we find that in hardware is beyond me, but Valve also makes more money than me, so I’ll be quiet.

Today, Valve announced that they will be ending support for those operating systems at the first of the year.

Steam Support will be unable to offer users technical support for issues related to the old operating systems, and Steam will be unable to guarantee continued functionality.

Valve Support Page

This doesn’t mean that Steam will no longer work on these older versions of Windows. It’s just that you won’t be receiving any help from Valve if things start to break.

If you are still on Windows 7, what’s kept you upgrading to Windows 10?

If you are still on Windows 8 or 8.1, please provide an address and I’ll send someone to help you shortly.

Source: PCWorld (Beware of tracking links in article)

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