The Problem with Apple is that Jon Stewart no longer has a TV show

Instead of giving him creative control, they took away his show.

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The New York Times released a report that The Problem with Jon Stewart has been canceled by Apple. This is happening despite it having been renewed for a third season.

According to NYT, the executives over at Apple were all in a tizzy due to some of the topics that Stewart wanted to cover on the new season. Some of these topics would have covered artificial intelligence and China. Also, with the show probably airing in 2024, the presidential election was definitely going to be a huge topic.

Now, I haven’t seen much of the show, even when I had Apple TV+, but I have seen and shared a few clips from the show on social media. The topics he discussed and the people he talked to feel like they went further than the topics that NYT mentions. He’s discussed climate change, gun control, reproductive rights, and inflation. With the inflation episode, he and his guest name checked Apple several times.

It honestly just looks like Apple may have felt that Stewart was getting too big for his breeches and decided to cut him off before he made them look worse than they already do. However, by doing so, it puts them in a bad light by removing a critical voice from their platform.

But that’s if all this is true and not just my speculation as to why Apple did what they did.

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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