The Pentagon has been joining Israel in AI-assisted bombing

Whatever Israel is using on Palestine you know Uncle Sam isn't that far behind.

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Israel has been stirring up a bunch of trouble lately. For over 75 years, it has been illegally occupying Palestinian land and brutally displacing, jailing, and murdering the native population. Lately, they have been known to be using AI products from American tech companies to attack its perceived enemies. Apparently, The Pentagon has joined the apartheid regime in using AI to attack countries that are assisting Palestine in resisting the US’s settler colonial project.

The Pentagon is using AI

A report by Bloomberg has reported that the US military has been increasing its use in AI, specifically Project Maven, to target strikes since Israel started it’s genocidal rampage on Gaza. Schulyer Moore, the CTO of US Central Command, stated that machine learning has helped identify over 85 targets this month.

US aircraft carried out strikes against seven facilities on February 2. These targets were in Iraq and Syria and destroyed rockets, missiles drone storage facilities and militia centers.

The same technology was used to attack the Houthis in Yemen and in the Red Sea. This is important as the Houthis are actively assisting the Palestinians by blocking ships going to Israel. The Houthis have been successful in only targeting those ships that may contain more munitions to further commit ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Project Maven

The algorithms used in these operations were developed by Project Maven. Project Maven was a partnership between the US government and Google. It’s focus was to analyze drone footage and flag images for human review. Once Google employees learned of this, protests and resignations followed which led Google not to renew the contract in 2019.

Moore would like to assure us that the AI isn’t picking a target and firing. As was stated above, she iterated that everything is checked by a human before going further up the chain. While they were just experimenting with it before, The Pentagon decided to actually implement it when the US’ imperialistic goals became threatened.

So, the government has money for all this but we can’t even get student loans forgiven.

Got it.

Source: Engadget

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