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After some tests that have taken place over the past couple of weeks, YouTube seems to be ready to block access to their site if ad blockers are detected. They have “launched a global effort” to get people to either disable the blocker or fork money over for Premium.

So what happens if you have the ad blocker enabled? You’ll most likely see something about the “video playback is blocked”. It’ll then ask for you to allow the ads or subscribe. Sometimes, it may let you still watch the video. Others have reported that it stops you altogether now.

YouTube states they have been doing this off and on since around June. Communications Manager Christopher Lawton states that it was a “small experiment globally”. Now, they’re ready for primetime and have been increasing their efforts.

According to Lawton, the “use of ad blockers” violates YouTubes terms of service. He added that “ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally”.

Now, I personally find it odd that their terms of service would put my data at risk and would allow them to track me. Not to say that is actually happening to me because I happen to have YouTube Premium. I use it for both ad removal and for YouTube Music. This isn’t an endorsement for the service as I don’t believe people should have to fork over $14 just to not get sold to and get services they don’t need. This whole thing screams anti-consumer.

Also, as a small creator on YouTube, my videos contain ads that I don’t see revenue from. I feel that my videos shouldn’t be serving ads if its not going into my pocket. Also, if they were, I should be able to chose if I want them or not. There are other ways that I can garner support without forcing ads on my community.

The lack of choice given to the consumer and creator is not a great look. It makes YouTube, Google, and Alphabet look greedy.

Oh, don’t tell anybody. There might be a way around it.

Source: The Verge

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